Safety and Waiver

  1. Ride on the right side in single file behind the tour guide.
  2. While riding on roads, establish a straight line and maintain 3-4 feet from parked cars.  Do not weave between parked cars.
  3. Obey all traffic signs and signals.
  4. Always use hand signals before turning or stopping.
  5. Make eye contact and wave to motorists at or approaching intersections; the safest way to cross any intersection is to dismount and walk.
  6. Do not stray from the group.
  7. Pedestrians have the right-of-way.  Prior to passing announce your intentions.  Always pass on the left.
  8. Please do not use cell phones during the tour except at designated stops.
  9. Helmets are required.
  10. Riders should have some experience riding in an urban setting and small children are not allowed.
  11. The ride is mostly on city streets without bike lanes and along several paved bike trails.
  12. If you get separated from the group at a traffic light or intersection, do not panic.   Proceed safely at your own pace.  We will wait for you to catch up. 
  13. We usually provide an assistant guide who always rides at the very back of the pack to make sure that no one gets lost or left behind.
  14. This is not a race!


You will be required to read and sign a form that contains the text below at the time of your tour.

 I freely acknowledge and realize the danger of participating in an Annapolis By Bike tour and fully assume all risk including, but not limited to, collision with pedestrians, vehicles, other riders and/or other fixed or moving objects or persons, the negligence of other riders and dangers arising from falls and public road or path surfaces, as well as the possibility of physical and/or mental trauma or injury.

I realize that the Annapolis By Bike tour requires physical exertion and I represent that I am in sound medical condition capable of participating in the bicycle ride without risk to others or myself. I have no physical or medical impediment that would endanger others or myself. I understand that the law defines a bicycle as a moving vehicle and I agree to follow all traffic laws, signs, rules and regulations. I agree that I will at all times during my participation in the Annapolis By Bike tour adhere to all safety rules and regulations of Annapolis By Bike tour company which includes wearing a helmet at all times while riding a bicycle.

As a responsible adult, I fully recognize that riding a bicycle through the busy city streets of Annapolis with on-street parking and many distractions is inherently dangerous and that accidents can happen at any time and in any place during a tour ride. I am solely responsible for the manner in which I ride. I will NOT use my cellular phone at any point during the tour due to the disruption it may cause to my concentration and the enjoyment of other participants. Additionally, I understand that the use of cameras of any type is strictly limited to tour stops only.

I hereby take action for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors to release, indemnify and agree to hold harmless Annapolis By Bike, its officers, directors, representatives, employees, agents and participants of and from any losses, costs, damages, claims, demands, rights and causes of action of any kind or nature including reasonable attorney fees, and including any and all negligence claims of causes of action, which may arise and which result from illness, personal injuries, property damage, death or of any other damages or injuries, not included herein, occurring during, or as a result of, my participation in the Annapolis By Bike tour.

I am of legal age and fully competent, have read this Waiver and Release and fully understand it and, if not of legal age, that my parent or legal guardian has fully read the above Waiver and Release and understands it and that I am fully bound by their signature.

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